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Should you Host your App on a VPS or Dedicated Server?

VPS and dedicated hosting are the choice of resource intensive and high traffic websites and web applications. They provide customers with higher levels of control, allowing them to install customized software on both. In addition to that, you have full control over server customization. The main difference among the two are the price range. VPS are cheaper compared to dedicated servers, but the latter provides more performance.

To answer the question about whether to use a VPS or dedicated server to host your app, you should first understand the difference between the two.

vps ded

VPS Servers

VPS is short for virtual private servers. This hosting plan offers the best of both worlds, it’s cheap yet has the power and capability of a dedicated server. It’s basically a shared plan with dedicated features. Just like a shared hosting plan, it shares a single server hardware with different users. But unlike shared hosting plan, where you’ll have to share resources with all the other accounts, VPS gives you a fixed amount of resources that only your website or web application can use. That means no matter how much resources your neighboring account uses, your account will never suffer any performance hits.

That makes VPS plans cheaper while providing almost the same level of control and performance as a dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the most powerful hosting that you can get. Like VPS servers, they offer full control over your hosting account or server. Compared to VPS though, dedicated servers will allow you do to anything on it with little to no restrictions as if you own the server hardware itself. That’s why the cheapest dedicated hosting plan comes at $150 a month, and that’s not even the best low-end quality.

Most of the time, though, they offer two types of dedicated server management. With an unmanaged server, you can fully customize your server and install anything that you need – no unnecessary software or unneeded stuff – put what you want. However, you’ll be responsible for the backup and software maintenance of your server. The hosting provider will only give you help for basic server security and uptime guarantee. On a managed server on the other hand, you can choose what the hosting provider will install and they will do it for you. In addition, they will take care of any security measures, backup and software maintenance required in addition to the basic services they provide on unmanaged servers. However, they may cost you additional charges, but knowing that you’ll have less to worry is a good thing.

What Should You Choose?

Okay, here comes the part – what should you choose? Here’s a guide:

  • Medium traffic, medium resource usage – VPS
  • High traffic, small team or don’t have a time to manage your server – managed dedicated
  • High traffic, resource hungry, large team, you want total control – unmanaged dedicated

Effective Collaboration On Internet Projects


It has been observed that people collaborate on similar web projects on different sides of the world. This distance has its own challenges. There are some suggestions to enhance the efficiency and communication of long distance work

You need to avoid useless complicatedness by thinking ahead of time. It was in the year 1930s, that the philosopher Karl Popper had a talk about the issue of complex aspects and he exhibited how bees evolved to create beehives. The work on the computer can get to a similar level of complexity very fast and we have to work for unnecessary situations as it can take some time to substitute them.

It is not possible to have a situation where this phenomenon is totally eradicated and you need to think ahead with respect to some development in the future to lessen it. In case you are a project leader, you need to stress on precise guidelines to ensure you adhere to them on your own. The guidelines can alter due to various system upgrades or good work practices. Sometimes there might be a great deal of confusion as people can get trapped between the new and old means of doing various things.

For big computer projects, you need to keep a repository that keeps track of all the alterations and enables you to backtrack to any change in the past. A repository is a nice means to view who did that and enables you to refine and have nice work practices. You need to make sure all the CSS files, scripts and templates on the page are kept distinct from each other so that there are no hassles with varied people who want to access the similar product.

One important aspect is the issue tracking system that enables the team members to elevate a bug or recommend a new feature. When you use an issue tracker, you need to be very careful to keep your comments short and precise. You have to avoid the temptation to make a comment.

Computer work can be full of distractions that can waste your time in case you are not focused on the task. It is nice to make a policy to keep the internet switched off and do ample work prior to making it go live on the site. You need to organize a project not associated with your work area. Computer work can have one-dimensional interaction between different members of the team. A project can widen and make the understanding better in the team. One can have good online competitions that are associated with the web development.

There are many people who do not use the internet for innumerable reasons. These people think of the various issues linked with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia and then link them with the workplace. A Facebook style delivery method of communication and Wikipedia method of collaboration are ideal. There are nice means for the management of the projects through the internet based tools where communication is documented and instantaneous.

The reporting of processes are automated and the business-critical data can be shared and managed from any location in the world with an internet connection. Now it’s possible to work remotely from anywhere in the world