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Should you Host your App on a VPS or Dedicated Server?

VPS and dedicated hosting are the choice of resource intensive and high traffic websites and web applications. They provide customers with higher levels of control, allowing them to install customized software on both. In addition to that, you have full control over server customization. The main difference among the two are the price range. VPS are cheaper compared to dedicated servers, but the latter provides more performance.

To answer the question about whether to use a VPS or dedicated server to host your app, you should first understand the difference between the two.

vps ded

VPS Servers

VPS is short for virtual private servers. This hosting plan offers the best of both worlds, it’s cheap yet has the power and capability of a dedicated server. It’s basically a shared plan with dedicated features. Just like a shared hosting plan, it shares a single server hardware with different users. But unlike shared hosting plan, where you’ll have to share resources with all the other accounts, VPS gives you a fixed amount of resources that only your website or web application can use. That means no matter how much resources your neighboring account uses, your account will never suffer any performance hits.

That makes VPS plans cheaper while providing almost the same level of control and performance as a dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the most powerful hosting that you can get. Like VPS servers, they offer full control over your hosting account or server. Compared to VPS though, dedicated servers will allow you do to anything on it with little to no restrictions as if you own the server hardware itself. That’s why the cheapest dedicated hosting plan comes at $150 a month, and that’s not even the best low-end quality.

Most of the time, though, they offer two types of dedicated server management. With an unmanaged server, you can fully customize your server and install anything that you need – no unnecessary software or unneeded stuff – put what you want. However, you’ll be responsible for the backup and software maintenance of your server. The hosting provider will only give you help for basic server security and uptime guarantee. On a managed server on the other hand, you can choose what the hosting provider will install and they will do it for you. In addition, they will take care of any security measures, backup and software maintenance required in addition to the basic services they provide on unmanaged servers. However, they may cost you additional charges, but knowing that you’ll have less to worry is a good thing.

What Should You Choose?

Okay, here comes the part – what should you choose? Here’s a guide:

  • Medium traffic, medium resource usage – VPS
  • High traffic, small team or don’t have a time to manage your server – managed dedicated
  • High traffic, resource hungry, large team, you want total control – unmanaged dedicated